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What is Studio Djärv?


Studo Djärv is a business based in Umeå, Sweden that focus on photo retouch and editing, as well as illustrations.

The work is with photographers and clients from Sweden and all around the world. 


The company offers:

 + Retouch

 + Color Correction

 + Preparing for web and printing


 + Portrait photography in environments

 + Photography at events 


 + Artwork for advertising

 + Illustrations for web, books and similar



Who is Studio Djärv?

Studio Djärv was started by Lina Andersson Djärv who always had a passion to create. She studied photography at Forsa Folkhögskola, then learned indept photo post-production and retouch at Fotoskolan Sthlm. 


Lina has always been drawn to working digitally, which started as a hobby where she painted in photoshop among other programs. This led to a passion and a will to work with editing fulltime.


The company strive to help people and wants to help you get your vision to come to life. We will do everything we can to make sure that you are as happy you can be with the result. 





Selected Clients


Bohman&Sjöstrand, Byredo, Stutterheim, ICON, Marholmen, BVD/Coca-Cola, Akademikliniken, Emma Grann, Jemmila 









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